Europe’s Keystone XL? The Planned Mega-pipeline

27 Jun 2013 admin

Behind the closed doors of company boardrooms and government offices a mega-pipeline is being planned and promoted. This huge piece of infrastructure would carry gas over 4,000 kilometres from the Caspian Sea to central Europe, and in the process would lock Europe into gas dependency for at least the next 35 years. Such a project would not enable us to transition to a renewably powered Europe but instead would lock us into fossil fuel use for decades, making it even more difficult to tackle climate change.

This briefing looks the mega-pipeline’s negative impact on the climate, human rights, democracy and fuel poverty. It also outlines the proposed pipeline route, the companies involved, how much it is likely to cost and some ideas for how people can stop it being built.

Europe’s Keystone XL? The Planned Mega-Pipelines can be downloaded here or browsed online below.

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