Fight BP’s Pinkwashing

22 Feb 2017 anna
A briefing for LGBTQ rights campaigners by No Pride In BP, Platform and People & Planet
(n.) a public relations tactic, involving an appeal to LGBT-friendliness, in order to offset or ‘wash’ over other questionable practices
Is BP a queer-friendly company?
“proud to be a business where you can be yourself” – BP website
No Pride In BP activists protest BP sponsorship of National Student Pride, 2015

In recent years fossil fuel company BP has – for strategic reasons – tried to foster an image of being pro-LGBT+ rights. BP is using the queer community as a prop to legitimise their business model – that depends on propping up repressive politicians and as well as dangerous levels of fossil fuel burning.

This briefing will show you how, and what we can do about it. Read on in pdf 

By allowing BP to sponsor Pride events and our student LGBTQ+ societies, we give BP permission to ride on the back of LGBTQ+ struggle; cheaply using our pride as a trade off for human rights abuses around the world. It’s time to refuse BP’s logo on our pride.

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