Our pensions, our communities, our planet

9 Nov 2015 anna

Trade union briefing: Our pensions, our communities, our planet
How to reinvest our pensions for our good?

Download the briefing (pdf)

PCM_ShadiaFayneWood.13_6Local governments in the UK invest over £14 billion of public sector pension funds into fossil fuel corporations. That means workers’ pensions are accelerating dangerous climate change. They are overly risky long term investments and they funnel capital out of local lives, jobs and economies into corporate profits of the likes of BP and Shell.

By divesting from fossil fuels, these pensions can create jobs and boost local economies, as well as for take control of wealth back from unaccountable investment management firms.

This briefing by Platform with Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, 1 Million Climate Jobs and Campaign Against Climate Change (Trade Union Group) has been produced to help trade union members raise the issue in their local Trade Union Councils, local Union branches, and to make sure Trade Unions play a role in the growing divestment and reinvestment movement. It contains

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Download the briefing (pdf)

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