Statement: protest will escalate with BP’s newly announced sponsorship deals

Press Release 28 Jul 2016 admin

Contact: Anna Galkina / 07942044472 / [email protected]

Today BP announced new headline sponsorship agreements with the British Museum, Royal Opera House, National Portrait Gallery and Royal Shakespeare Company, providing the institutions with an average of only £375,000 a year each. This is less than the price of the average 2 bedroom flat in London, and 25% less than the previous 5-year deal.

Platform’s campaigner Anna Galkina said:

“BP is ripping off our cultural institutions – their sponsorship provides less than 0.5% of British Museum’s budget. With this pocket change, BP buys legitimacy, access to invaluable advertising space, and masks its role in destroying indigenous lands, arming dictatorships, and wrecking our climate. The museums help BP do that. That’s why art interventions and protests against BP will go on. The new deals will not last five years.”

Platform has campaigned for cultural institutions to drop BP’s sponsorship, and forced Tate in court to reveal historic sponsorship fees and documents.

Deadline Festival participants call on Tate to drop BP, December 2015. Photograph by Martin LeSanto-Smith

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