Taking Control: Building oil and gas workers’ power in the energy transition

8 Feb 2021 admin

Do you work in the offshore oil and gas industry? Have you worked in the industry in the past? Join our workshops to determine what a just energy transition looks like and learn how we can fight for our demands. 

First workshop: Saturday 13 March 2021 10:00am – 1:00pm over Zoom.

Our report, OFFSHORE: Oil and gas workers’ views on industry conditions and the energy transition released in September 2020 showcased what we already knew: the oil and gas industry is a volatile place to work, and the lack of support from industry and government through the energy transition is only making things worse. The report is built off a survey of 1,383 offshore oil and gas workers, asking how Covid-19 has impacted their lives, their views on life in the industry and their hopes and solutions for the energy transition.

81% of offshore oil and gas workers said they would consider changing industries, and 43% had been made redundant or furloughed between March and August 2020. Over 50% of survey respondents deemed government support at all levels ‘nowhere near enough’. 

More than half of respondents would be interested in retraining to work in renewables and offshore wind – so why isn’t this an option? Why are bosses allowed to offload training costs, employment costs and general responsibilities onto a workforce that has been shifted into largely contract or self-employed work? Why is the government allowed to talk about investment in green industries but not make sure companies provide safe and secure jobs? 

Our new ‘Taking Control: Building oil and gas workers’ power in the energy transition’ workshops are designed to help you – workers in the oil and gas industry – figure out what your top concerns are and how you want to fight for them. How should we work together to demand more out of your bosses? Politicians? Do you want to make sure your local council is making the right decisions for you and your family? Join us, learn about our plan to win so far and tell us what needs to happen. Let’s build an energy transition that works for everyone! 

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