The UK government pledges billions of pounds every year in finance for UK businesses abroad through UK Export Finance (UKEF). In 2017 UKEF announced a new £1 billion credit line for UK businesses working in Argentina, with then minister Greg Hands stressing that “the UK’s expertise in areas like infrastructure, green energy and healthcare” were the targets for support.

But who’s invited to pitch for this money? Oil and gas firms, of course.

Treasurer Philip Hammond invited BP and Shell to a meeting in Buenos Aires to promote the government credit line. No renewables firms were at this meeting.

The £1 billion finance has not been fully allocated yet. We have a window of opportunity to make sure they do not go to dangerous fossil fuels and fracking – and you can take action now. Scroll down to email the UK’s Trade and Export ministers.

Protest against fracking, Mendoza province. Credit: Martín Alvarez Mulally