“We’ve shut the bank down!”

3 Sep 2009 admin

This news also came in on Tuesday via the climate camp twitter:
“climatecamp: 12 climate campers have just blockaded RBS. Go campers go! Big group about to leave for Bank of England too”
“climate camp: Up to 20 campers inside rbs. On second floor too. Dressed as construction workers. More info as it arrives!”

“climatecamp: Cyclists in animal masks stampede fire exit at RBS. The blockade continues, with activists inside! Bobbies have turned up.”
“climatecamp: outside rbs! 11 d-locked on and 6 glued together on second floor. We’ve shut the bank down!”
“climatecamp: random raffle then took the road at bank and came to join us. Tried to enter in back door. Now dancing to samba
“RBS is now 70% owned by you the tax payer we demand they use our money to fund sustainable technologies not climate change”
“fresh news just in,the 7 activists arrested for gluing themselves to the trading floor of RBS have been de-arrested and issued court summons”

Copyright: Mike Russell 2009

Apparently the activists superglued on the trading floor could read the newsticker on the computer screens – reporting that climate campers had superglued themselves to the RBS trading floor!
Here’s the Climate Camp press release & the Guardian coverage.

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