What I’m reading about this week

31 Jan 2012 admin

Metro: ‘Sustainable’ funds investing millions in oil companies and banks. This article mentions Platform’s work on Shell Nigeria and uses it to question the ethics of investment in oil companies.

Heat or Eat? Fuel Poverty Action occupy British Gas headquarters.

Bloomberg: hypes-up the “pre-salt” oil basin offshore Nigeria, thought to mirror Brazil’s huge oil reserves. Drilling is planned in Angola, Gabon, Republic of Congo and Namibia.

Fuel Fix: Nigeria may ask Shell for an unspecified amount of compensation following a major oil spill from its Bonga offshore facility in December 2011.

Nasdaq: Chevron faces an $11 billion lawsuit and jail time for execs following an oil spill off the coast of Brazil, near Rio.

This Day: update on the Chevron rig offshore Nigeria that exploded 14 days ago: “The fire is still burning at the well, but at a diminished rate”… But never mind – Chevron made the highest annual profits in its 132-year history last Friday, at $26.9 billion.

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