Education and learning are central to all Platform’s work.

We run courses, workshops, exhibitions and trainings to share ideas and skills. This includes our dynamic programme on arts, race, media and power for young people aged 16 to 25 “Voices That Shake!”. Between 2004 – 09, we pioneered the course for adults “The Body Politic: Social and ecological justice, art, activism” which has many spin-offs. We offer trainings in art & activism, power & privilege, ethical funding, and can tailor one-off sessions on specific subjects. Get in touch.

We are driven by the politics of decoloniality and popular education, and inspired by many educators including Paulo Freire, bell hooks, and SmartMeme. We create spaces for learning that are open, transparent, creative, and exciting. Each voice is valued, dissent encouraged, and long-term relationships welcomed. Through this we help to build social movements.