Platform Portfolio shows selected previous projects. Go here for a more general overview & timeline of projects, 1983 – 2001 (from the old website). Platform's large hard copy archive is currently being worked on and increasingly digitised for the web. 

Unravelling the Carbon Web gives access to Platform’s major resources on the oil and gas industry and publications that underpinned our campaigns from 2003 to 2010. This website guides you through strategies and background research that have laid a foundation for Platform’s activism and campaigning. Much of the UTCW material has been migrated to the new website.

Remember Saro-Wiwa is a comprehensive resource on the Platform’s project to create a Living Memorial to Nigerian writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, who was executed alongside eight other activists by the Nigerian military in 1995 for protesting against the impact of Shell in the Niger Delta. Platform commissioned the Living Memorial in 2005 which was created by British sculptor Sokari Douglas-Camp CBE. Platform continues to campaign for corporate and government accountability in the Niger Delta region, with particular focus on Shell’s operations.

Burning Capital is an online artwork & documentary on the environmental and global significance of BP's fourth quarter and full year results for 2007, part of an ongoing strategy of revealing how climate change is fuelled from the inside. 

And While London Burns is an acclaimed downloadable opera-for-one made in 2006. Part-fiction, part-fact, the story is a gripping walking tour through the heart of London's financial district looking at London's business impacts on climate change. Some buildings and paths have changed, but the walk and absorbing soundscape starring BAFTA-award-winning actor Douglas Hodge, still works.

Museum of the Corporation was a series of critical walks and exhibitions that took place between 2001 and 2004. It took the rise and fall of the biggest transnational in the world – the East India Company – as its starting point, and this deep history has affected Platform's understanding of how corporations today operate.