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Remember Oluwale - launch tonight, Leeds

Remember Oluwale – launch tonight, Leeds

Platform hails allies in Leeds who are tonight launching a key campaign and creative project ‘Remember Oluwale’. This marks the appalling treatment and early death in suspicious circumstances of Nigerian-born, Leeds-based man David Oluwale. It looks at the contemporary legacies, and how we can change the future. Platform makes common cause with David’s life and...
Chevron oil rig explodes off coast of Nigeria; 2 killed

Chevron oil rig explodes off coast of Nigeria; 2 killed

On Monday 16 January at 4.30 to 5am, Chevron's KS Endeavour drilling rig burst into flames, approximately 6 miles off the coast of Nigeria. Two workers are reported missing. The gas rig is still said to be burning for the second day running and is reported to have partially collapsed into the ocean. The cause is...
Reflections on my first few weeks at Platform

Reflections on my first few weeks at Platform

“What’s it like at Platform?” Since I started work here a few weeks ago this is the first question friends ask me when they see me. So far, I have failed to answer this question, offering a combination of mumbling, smiles and pregnant pauses. Where do you start? I spent the last 10 years working...
Get The Shell Out! Friday 18 May @ 7.30pm

Get The Shell Out! Friday 18 May @ 7.30pm

UK Tar Sands Network, Indigenous Environmental Network, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN), Platform, Rising Tide UK, FairPensions, Greenpeace, Shell to Sea and Art Not Oil present: Get The Shell Out! 18th May 2012, Toynbee Hall, 7.30pm Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, Greater London E1 6LS You are warmly invited to a public meeting in advance of...

Oil spills and violence plague Shell operations in Nigeria

Anchorage Daily News
Shell admits funding Niger Delta "warlords"

Shell admits funding Niger Delta “warlords”

I wrote a guest blog for Greenpeace UK today about Shell’s recent statement regarding its financial relationships with militant groups. I’d really like to hear your thoughts on the issue. A recent video published online shows a Shell executive admitting that the oil giant could easily be funding what he describes as “warlords” and militants...
BP in Algeria - following the hydrocarbons, regardless of the dangers

BP in Algeria – following the hydrocarbons, regardless of the dangers

The recent attack on a gas plant in Algeria is a horrible reminder of the costs involved when companies relentlessly pursue oil and gas extraction in conflict regions. 38 workers were killed during the violence. Since the crisis there has been a lot of speculation about what it means for security spending in the region....
Eni misled shareholders over gas flaring in Nigeria

Eni misled shareholders over gas flaring in Nigeria

A new report by CRBM, Corner House and FoE Nigeria and others condemns oil majors Eni, Total and Shell for their record of environmental and social devastation in Nigeria. It also dissects EU ‘energy security’, arguing that a policy that locks the EU into dependence on fossil fuels leads to increased conflict and climate chaos. FOR IMMEDIATE...

Revealed: Vince Cable, ‘Minister for Shell’

Documents obtained by Corporate Watch show that Vince Cable has been acting as “Contact Minister for Shell”. In a letter to Vince Cable, dated 19 March 2012, Malcolm Brinded, (who, at the time of writing, was Chief Executive of Shell Upstream International) thanks Vince Cable for attending a Shell strategy presentation; adding that he hopes...

Shell funds militant clashes in Nigeria

CBC Radio Canada broadcast an interview with the author of Platform’s new report, Counting the Cost, on Shell’s human rights abuses in Nigeria.

Dutch MPs investigate Shell’s “irresponsible and unacceptable” security spending

Following Platform’s publication of leaked internal data on Shell’s security spending in Nigeria and beyond, several Dutch MPs have submitted official questions to the Netherlands government, probing Shell’s record on human rights abuses. If only UK MPs would emulate their Dutch colleagues, we may actually see a measure of corporate accountability. Below is a rough...

Eni misleads shareholders over end to gas flaring in Nigeria

15 November 2011 Italian oil major Eni is misleading shareholders over the company’s commitment to end gas flaring in Nigeria, according to a new report [1] by an international delegation of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), following a recent fact finding mission to the Niger Delta. Gas flaring is illegal in Nigeria. The report, entitled The reality behind EU ‘energy...