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So Switched On - The dream of London’s energy democracy

So Switched On – The dream of London’s energy democracy

The train hurries south on the main line towards Brighton, carrying me away from the event I have just attended, ‘Power to Us’ organised by Switched on London at Myatt’s Fields in Brixton. Looking out from the carriage, over the roofs of the houses of Purley stacked up this steep sided North Downs valley at...

Sadiq’s ‘Energy Revolution’ must go beyond Boris’s dodgy deal with Big Energy

This week, Sadiq Khan announced that the first stage of Energy for Londoners would be continuing Boris’s controversial License Lite scheme. Platform is part of the Switched on London campaign, so we’re cross-posting 3 reasons why this is not the ‘Energy Revolution London’ needs. With London lagging behind other major European cities on clean energy,...