• Recipes for a Revolution

    Reclaiming our Food System: For a Just Food And Climate Transition in Tower Hamlets and Beyond

    Recipes for a Revolution

  • Engagement
    ACTIVE    2021 — Ongoing

    Climate Action Leeds

    Creating an energy plan for Leeds that’s zero carbon, nature friendly and socially just.

    Climate Action Leeds

  • 11 Aug 2023 Annie


    Documentary exploring what the coming energy transition means for workers and communities around the UK North Sea.


  • Research,  Arts
    ACTIVE    2019 — Ongoing

    Food Justice

    What could our kitchens and corner shops look like in Tower Hamlets if we had a large-scale, community-led food system? If local people could be empowered by a system unbeholden to big corporations and instead led by care, abundance and justice? This food system we dream of centres love and respect between people and the…

    Food Justice

  • Strength in collective action

    The Oil Machine in Dumfries A sudden burst of clapping from a couple at the back of the café and a ripple of laughter through the audience. This is the first response of the evening and the humour is ironic. It is in response to comments from the panel about the challenge of getting to…

    Strength in collective action

  • 8 Feb 2023 admin

    Seeds for a Revolution: Reclaiming Our Food System

    This publication was created through research from the Blueprint Architect Group, a local food justice research group coordinated by Platform in Tower Hamlets. It is a part one of a series of 3. Part 2 will be launched by July 2023. Many people, communities and organisations across the UK are responding to local issues in…

    Seeds for a Revolution: Reclaiming Our Food System

  • Gifts from the Sea

    The Oil Machine in Cromarty The Stagecoach bus judders and swerves as it takes the bend past Braehead and Davidston, past the fields of stubble and grazing sheep. The driver knows these empty roads on The Black Isle intimately and is eager to reach the journey’s end. Suddenly, over the crest of the hill, Cromarty…

    Gifts from the Sea

  • Enough is Enough!

    Medway’s resistance to an unjust transition. Down the canyon of Chatham High Street comes the march. Banner of Medway Trades Council proudly to the fore. Chants and shouts echoing off the shopfronts and the buildings above. “Enough is Enough! Enough is Enough!” Past the pound shops and the charity shops. Past the boarded up windows…

    Enough is Enough!

  • Tectonic shifts – the energy crisis and the leap beyond – The Economic War, part 4

    Shell declares it may go back into Cambo and the oilfield’s exploration license is extended by two years. The British government pushes for renewed drilling in the UK North Sea. There is public outcry at the Chancellor’s failure to defend households from the attack on living standards driven by price inflation. The Russian government announces…

    Tectonic shifts – the energy crisis and the leap beyond – The Economic War, part 4

  • Ukraine & the grip of gas – caught in the machine of Crude Britannia

    The newsfeeds hiss and rumble with stories of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are all of us left waiting. Is this truly going to happen, a military conflict between Russia and NATO? Or is this a fevered concoction that aids the Kremlin, the US Administration, and the UK’s flailing Prime Minister? Will the…

    Ukraine & the grip of gas – caught in the machine of Crude Britannia