• Local government pensions fuelling climate crisis 

    Local government pensions fuelling climate crisis 

    £16 billion of the Local Government Pension Scheme is invested in the fossil fuel industry, according to new analysis by Platform and Friends of the Earth.

    Press Release
    8 Nov 2023 Annie
  • Is your council fuelling the climate crisis?

    Is your council fuelling the climate crisis?

    Find out how much our local authority pensions are investing in fossil fuels and what you can do to push for divestment where you are.

    25 Sep 2023 admin
  • Of Oil & Water

    Of Oil & Water

    The Oil Machine in Torrington, North Devon Cathy Slaughter is explaining a little about XR North Devon as people slowly drift into the foyer of  The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington, North Devon. “There’s a good group of really active members and of course many more who are signed up on the Facebook page. We…

    1 May 2023 james
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  • Strength in collective action

    Strength in collective action

    The Oil Machine in Dumfries A sudden burst of clapping from a couple at the back of the café and a ripple of laughter through the audience. This is the first response of the evening and the humour is ironic. It is in response to comments from the panel about the challenge of getting to…

    1 May 2023 james
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  • Hospicing the Pipeline

    Hospicing the Pipeline

    The Oil Machine in Hawick Julie and I talked long. And we talked of death. We talked of the passing of fathers, and husbands, and friends. An idea grew between us through that conversation in her flat. Later we shared it with those sitting in The Cornucopia Room, gathered to watch a screening of The…

    7 Mar 2023 james
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  • Gifts from the Sea

    Gifts from the Sea

    The Oil Machine in Cromarty The Stagecoach bus judders and swerves as it takes the bend past Braehead and Davidston, past the fields of stubble and grazing sheep. The driver knows these empty roads on The Black Isle intimately and is eager to reach the journey’s end. Suddenly, over the crest of the hill, Cromarty…

    7 Feb 2023 james
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  • The Lie of the Land

    The Lie of the Land

    The Oil Machine in Inverness The words of Sir David King, head of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, haunt me. Speaking at the launch of The Oil Machine film, he explained his view on what has been taking place since 2019. “What we have experienced in the last three years is a series of extreme…

    16 Nov 2022 james
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  • Who Owns the Wind?

    Who Owns the Wind?

    The promise of a publicly owned renewable energy system The North Westerly gale billows and shakes the heavy white pvc of the marquee on the Portsoy harbourside, Aberdeenshire. Festival goers drift from stall to stall, under the pallid light of sun through plastic, dithering over the t-towels and pots of honey. At one end of…

    3 Oct 2022 james
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  • ‘Oil is the poison’

    ‘Oil is the poison’

    Action is the antidote’ – sixteen days in the movement to end fossil fuels. At 8.25 on Friday 15th April, as the rush hour traffic poured off the M4 at Chiswick, four activists stepped out in front of an Eddie Stobart oil tanker. Two held up a banner declaring ‘Just Stop Oil’ whilst two others…

    22 Apr 2022 james
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