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  • The story of Platform

    The story of Platform

    Want to tell someone about Platform, in a nutshell? Try this video made for precisely that purpose!

    18 Sep 2013 admin
  • Oil City by Platform – Trailer

    Oil City by Platform – Trailer

    Oil City was a new work made by Platform. A piece of site-specific immersive theatre, that took audiences deep into the underbelly of London’s oil economy. Watch the trailer below, or visit to explore the world of the story in London and Calgary. Oil City was commissioned by Artsadmin as part of its Two…

    3 Jul 2013 admin
  • The Oil Road on Deutsche Welle

    Deutsche Welle bring The Oil Road to life with sound and music. Words provided by Platform’s Anna Galkina and James Marriott.

    3 Dec 2012 admin
  • The Oil Road on BBC Newshour

    The Oil Road on BBC Newshour

    Mika Minio-Paluello discusses “The Oil Road – A Journey from the Caspian Sea to the City of London” on BBC Newshour from the BBC studio in Cairo. The conversation explores how BP is disrupting lives along the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, and how predator elites in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey collude with the corporations to maximise profits.…

    17 Oct 2012 admin
  • Paul Mason discusses The Oil Road

    Paul Mason discusses The Oil Road

    On 4 October 2012, Newsnight economics editor, Paul Mason, was supposed to join Platform to discuss The Oil Road: Journeys from the Caspian Sea to the City of London at the LRB Bookshop. Unfortunately, Paul was called away at the last minute for filming, so he kindly made a pre-record of himself discussing some of…

    5 Oct 2012 admin
  • Tales of Transition

    Tales of Transition

    James Marriott talks about Platform’s new book The Oil Road in advance of the Transition Network Conference taking place at Battersea Arts Centre. James will be inspiring people with stories of his travels from the oil fields of the Caspian to the refineries and financial centres of Northern Europe. He will also consider how we…

    13 Sep 2012 admin
  • Tate à Tate – Resonance FM Radio Show

    Tate à Tate – Resonance FM Radio Show

    Activism and audio art forms the core of this episode of Clear Spot first broadcast on March 22nd 2012. Controversy surrounding BP’s relationship with Tate appears to be reaching a new peak. This evening, three site-specific sound works have been released, all of which have been designed to be listened to inside Tate Modern, Tate…

    22 Mar 2012 admin
  • Interview: Shell’s Grip on Nigeria exposed

    Platform’s Ben Amunwa was interviewed on the BBC World Service following revelations on Wikileaks about Shell’s infiltration of the Nigerian government. In a leaked US diplomatic cable, Shell executive Ann Pickard boasts about how Shell “had access to everything” that was discussed in “all the relevant ministries”. The leak exposes Shell’s colonial control over Nigeria’s…

    13 Dec 2010 admin