Climate Equities

2020 — 2023

Why is there such a lack of decoloniality, diversity and representation in the climate movement? Climate Equities – a collaboration between Platform and Leeds Tidal – spent three years exploring this question with young people from Leeds.

For so long people have been fighting the good fight and winning! Winning workers rights, health care, access to basic services, new infrastructure and environmental protections. And alongside this, people have been burning out, becoming disillusioned and having to take a step back. We developed principles of Compassionate Organising to help groups to recognise how they might be replicating harm and to create a strong foundation for how we work together to sustain resistance.

Collaborating with the artist Bulonics, we created thought-provoking soundscapes to showcase the interviews, and with the artist and designer Camille Etchart, who illustrated these beautiful publications.