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Gas grabs and 5 questions to power at the Caspian Corridor Conference

Gas grabs and 5 questions to power at the Caspian Corridor Conference

The Euro Caspian Mega Pipeline is a massive infrastructure system designed to suck gas out of the Caspian into Western Europe. Construction of the pipeline involves politics and finance as much as it does concrete building materials,¬† and the conference I’m about to go to is one in a series of events attempting to make...
Hobbling the 'dash for gas' - the West Burton occupation

Hobbling the ‘dash for gas’ – the West Burton occupation

A big, bombastic huzzah for the 20 climate activists that infiltrated and occupied West Burton Power Station this morning. This is the first of a new generation of some 20 gas fired plants that the government are planning on building, and represents a ‘line in the sand’ of climate change and energy policy much in...

The Energy Challenge

The UK government’s Energy Review was published in July, only two years since the last. Few outside the nuclear industry were pleased with its findings –¬†This analysis report was first published in Platform’s Carbon Web Newsletter Issue 5. Despite the focus on new nuclear plants as the solution, the presentation to Parliament by Alistair Darling,...