• Recipes for a Revolution

    Recipes for a Revolution

    Reclaiming our Food System: For a Just Food And Climate Transition in Tower Hamlets and Beyond

    27 Sep 2023 Annie
  • Green jobs in the North East

    Green jobs in the North East

    Centring workers in a just transition for Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

    18 Dec 2023 admin
  • Our Power

    Offshore workers’ demands for a just energy transition We need a rapid transition away from oil and gas that protects workers, communities and the climate. But the government has no plan to phase out oil and gas production in the North Sea. Oil and gas workers are ready to lead a just transition away from…

    6 Mar 2023 admin
  • Seeds for a Revolution: Reclaiming Our Food System

    Seeds for a Revolution: Reclaiming Our Food System

    This publication was created through research from the Blueprint Architect Group, a local food justice research group coordinated by Platform in Tower Hamlets. It is a part one of a series of 3. Part 2 will be launched by July 2023. Many people, communities and organisations across the UK are responding to local issues in…

    8 Feb 2023 admin
  • Potential clean job creation in regions with high oil & gas employment

    This place-based analysis, commissioned by Platform, examines the potential for clean job creation in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire, Fife & Tayside, Tyneside and Teesside. These four regions all have significant current employment within the oil & gas sector and its supply chains. This includes people employed in workplaces within these regions, in addition to local residents…

    30 Oct 2022 admin
  • Skills and Post-16 Education Bill Amendment Briefing for MPs

    The amendments in this briefing (NC14, NC15 and amendment 11) would serve to create a new Offshore Training Scheme, which would align training and skills recognition where possible across roles and sectors, recognising that regular training is essential to health and safety, and that there may be sector specific top-ups required. They would also provide…

    14 Feb 2022 admin
  • Workers Case Studies for debate on The Need for an Offshore Training Passport

    Ahead of the Scottish Parliament debate on The Need for An Offshore Training Passport, Platform and Friends of the Earth Scotland shared case studies from offshore workers about their experiences with training in the energy sector, the enormous personal expense in time and money as well as the barriers this represents to efforts to transition…

    28 Oct 2021 admin
  • Offshore Training Passport Debate Briefing for MSPs

    A Platform and Friends of the Earth briefing for MSPs ahead of a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the need for an Offshore Training Passport. Friends of the Earth Scotland and Platform believe an Offshore Training Passport is essential to ensure a Just Transition for workers in the energy sector. The lack of cross-sector…

    28 Oct 2021 admin
  • Polluted Pensions?

    Polluted Pensions?

    Polluted Pensions? Clearing the air around UK pensions and fossil fuels

    21 Oct 2021 Annie